Sartori Associates, Inc.

Information Technology and ADP Consultants

Howard J. Sartori, Principal


Put Information Technology to work for your business today!

TO ASSIST your firm in obtaining the best business information technologies.

TO PROVIDE engineering, design, installation, training, and maintenance services.

TO OFFER EXPERTISE in Internet, ADP, information services, data communications, wide area and local area networks, E-mail, and desktop computing.

TO FOCUS your information resource management capabilities toward profitable and efficient achievement of your business goals.

General Services

Expert Witness
Desktop computing
Internet connectivity
Small office networking
Executive support systems
Network architecture design
Desktop publishing & printing
Local and wide area networking
Internet Client/Server engineering
Document imaging & file management
Political Action Committee management
Object oriented database development
Hardware & software evaluation
Client-server shared resources
Computer aided design
Acquisition strategy
Internet lobbying

Internet Services

We get you up and running for smooth sailing and customize a menu of resources suited to your business needs. If you need your own Internet site, a Web Page can be custom designed and installed. Your Page on the Net will be designed to attract the attention you want from your target audience. Your page can be designed to track statistics on who is looking at your Page, link visitors to other resources, collect data, provide online database services, and support other capabilities as needed.


We are committed to achieving the highest level of quality in everything we undertake. Quality with integrity at Sartori Associates, Inc. is top priority and their importance permeate our company. Quality with timely service is the key to our success in today’s competitive marketplace, in client relations, and in the development of our firm and your success.

Our Philosophy

Sartori Associates, Inc. integrates your firm’s information resources to meet the requirements required to effectively conduct day-to-day business. Our management information systems professionals will show you how to apply cost effective computing applications to your business. This service enables your company to compete in the marketplace while realizing maximum returns on investments.

Sartori Associates, Inc. is goal oriented and believes in quality performance. We offer a full range of management information services. Using a unified team approach, systems delivered to you will be pre-loaded with your applications, configured to your specific needs.

Sartori Associates, Inc. will assist you in obtaining the best ADP system plan for your specific business objective with full consideration of your investment and capitalization strategy. We will monitor your progress and offer specialized professional services as you may require.


The 21st Century is an exciting time. In today’s complex business environment, few businesses survive without the support of professionals. Instead of hiring full time staff, try purchasing only the expertise you need. By applying state of the art business technology, you reduce the cost of doing business and leapfrog over the competition!

One of our Fun Projects
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